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In the past we had often met disappointment in our search for suitable tools that met our quality requirements when we were unable to find what we needed.

You can rely on us.

However, we solved this problem by the implementation of our own ingenious production facilities over the past few decades. We have become producers of a significant portion of our product range and have made a transition from retail to production.


From product design to certification

We provide a comprehensive supply concept with extensive vertical integration.

We start with the fabrication of prototypes and guide you through all the steps on the design journey through manufacture to final testing. We offer our unwavering support all the way to production of the final product.

Strategic planning of product range

We have honed our skills in the development of a wide range of products and have extensive skills that suit local market conditions and individual customer needs. This allows us to make effective assessment of potential and risk within the manufacturing industry.

Our customers continually push us, which has turned out to be a positive thing.

Thanks to our well-balanced and qualified customer base, we can collaborate efficiently with our partners to ensure an effective cost-benefit ratio.

We have many years of experience in developing many different product ranges and their adaption to local market situation and individual customer position.

Design & development – Initial stages

  • Understanding your business and its goals
  • A clear definition of your product requirements
  • The creation of a requirements document that outlines all the product features.
According to the criteria of the best

Tests & certification

We are well-versed in industry standards and conduct our tests according to the highest criteria in the field.


You can trust us to prioritize safety, whether this pertains to their secure use, the application of our tools, or the safety of the materials being processed.


Quality management

We are committed to meticulous design and production to ensure that every item is safe, comfortable in use, and sustainable. Moreover, we uphold strict ethical principles in every aspect of our operations and guarantee that our products align fully with these values.


Supply chain management

During peak periods of seasonal products and regular production bottlenecks, we take pride in ensuring that all our products are readily accessible. We have reserve production capacity and a team of experienced specialists. We guarantee that our products will always be available at the desired time and location and delivery will always be punctual.


A concept with principles

Social responsibility

As an active participant in the Amfori-BSCI initiative, we are dedicated to enhancing social standards across the global value chain.

Environmental sustainability

We consistently prioritize sustainable and responsible utilization of resources and demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting our environment. We recognize our responsibility for the qualitative and quantitative state of our planet.

Certified security

Your safety is our top priority and you can have complete confidence in the safety of our products. This pertains to the secure use and application of our ingenious tools and ergonomics as well as the safety of the materials being processed.

Products fit for use

To us, delivering a product that aligns with a customer’s intended purpose encompasses the effectiveness of the design, the manufacturing process employed, and the support provided. We strive to provide goods that meet your exact requirements.

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