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PEC has a professional and efficient development team experienced in the relentless pursuit of precision and functionality. Their focus is also finely-tuned to the market.

From idea to industrial design

Our highly coordinated teams in Europe and Asia are meticulously interconnected. This allows us to spearhead and execute extraordinary industrial projects. Our refined approach includes:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis:We conduct very careful and thorough assessments to identify and unlock the potential of lucrative market niches.
  • Client-Centric Integration: We prioritize the seamless integration of unique client needs and specialized requirements into the project framework.
  • Creative Idea Generation and Industrial Design: Our experts excel in the cultivation of innovative ideas and their translation into captivating industrial designs.
  • Strategic assortment planningWe employ a methodical approach to strategically plan the product assortment, ensuring it aligns with market demand and maximizes opportunities for success.
  • Rigorous Cost and Quality Evaluation:Our team conducts meticulous evaluations to optimize cost efficiency and uphold stringent quality standards, to ensure exceptional value for your investment.
  • Punctual Product Management: Our effective project management practices ensure the timely delivery of your products which enter a seamless workflow from conception to completion.
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A wide range of realisations

Industrial semi-finished parts

Industrial semi-finished parts: Irrespective of the material or process involved—whether it’s turned, milled, or housing parts in steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, or other materials; stamped, bent, hardened, or forged semi-finished goods; injection-moulded or extruded plastic parts; finished or partially assembled electrical components; circuit boards; heating elements; or special assembly work—we can produce medium to large quantities of semi-finished parts of average to low complexity.

We can produce all kinds of semi-finished parts of average to low complexity in medium to large quantities.

Success speaks for itself

We are fully committed to delivering cutting tools of the highest quality, encompassing a wide range of designs. Whether you need garden shears, branch shears, hedge shears, tree shears, garden saws, or grass shears, we pour our passion into each and every product.

While ensuring the right shape and design, we also prioritize function, quality, and value for money. Our private label products undergo rigorous testing and can confidently stand up to established brands in direct comparisons.

Our customers can confirm this for all

our products

Packagings solutions

to underline customer’s brand experience.

From shipping packaging to self-service packaging and presentation concepts

We understand the crucial aspects that matter!

Our aesthetic packaging solutions are designed for efficiency and sustainability.

Designed to:

  • Improve sustainability – reduce the use of plastics and foam

  • Reduce costs – lower freight costs and use of material

  • Improve protection – reduce product damage

  • Space-saving utilization – pallets, containers

  • Improved labour costs – fast assembly, improved pack out, pick and pack